MPLS VPNs/Leases Lines

SPRINT offers MPLS based VPN services to businesses/Enterprise customers to interconnect their remote sites/users to their central/Head offices or disaster recovery sites over SPRINT’s private and secure MPLS cloud. The solution is highly reliable, offers low latency, is secure and affordable The solutions can be offered as MPLS L3 VPN (routed) or MPLS L2VPN (Extended LAN/EoMPLS) as point to point or point to Multipoint. The diagrams below show the difference between the above flavors of MPLS VPNs

Secure. Scalable. Affordable.

Benefit of Service

  • IP – MPLS network is available in almost all-important major cities in and around the region.
  • Robust MPLS Network architecture based on industry standard high-end routers/switches.
  • Improved Performance
  • Industry standard service level agreements for ensuring “always on “services.
  • Scalable in terms of bandwidth and coverage to meet the future demands.
  • Provision for Disaster Recovery.